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Watch Dexter Bateman and Simon Yamamoto send The Path 5.14 trad

The famous quartzite route was sent at least four times in 2020

The Path at Back of the Lake in Alberta is one of Canada’s most famous pitches. In 2020, four climbers redpointed the run-out trad line: Danny Poceta, Dexter Bateman, Simon Yamamoto and Nick Rochacewich. Watch the sends below.

The Path was first climbed by Sonnie Trotter after he chopped bolts that were added in the 1980s. It’s also been repeated by Babsi Zangerl, Jacopo Larcher, Ethan Pringle, Matt Wilder, Peter Kamitses, Miles Adamson, Tommy Caldwell. Nathan Hadley, Doug McConnell, Tim Emmett, Read Macadam and Alex Megos.

“Loved the process and loved climbing with my longtime climbing partner and pal Simon Yamamoto and Nick Rochacewich who used to coach both of us,” said Bateman. “Thanks to Danny as well. The parking and crowds were also a bit of a challenge, but seeing everyone happy and enjoying themselves at Lake Louise made the route and process that much better.”

The Path 5.14R

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