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Watch Five Days on Squamish Boulders in Summer 2020

The boulders had climbers visit from across Canada this season

Ilya Sarossy and Cisco Juanes recently took a short trip to Squamish and have posted a short video of their trip. The two Ontario climbers sent classic warm-ups like Squamish Days V0 and What Have I Done V1 and harder lines like Airtight Garage V7.

Filmed and edited by Juanes and Sarossy. Be sure to check them out on social media below.

Climbs in Order

(1:05) Squamish Days (V0)
(2:04) Squamish Days Traverse (V2)
(3:20) Option B (V2)
(5:05) Airtight Garage (V7)
(5:40) Anatomy Lesson (V3)
(6:11) Excavator (V4)
(6:37) Little Lip (V0)
(7:01) Another Green Traverse (V2)
(8:48) Black Mark (V4)
(9:25) What Have I Done? (V1)
(13:09) Timeless (V5)
(13:47) The Pendulum into Timeless (V7)
(15:06) Portable Mantle (V4)
(15:36) Superfly (V4)
(16:18) Fried Ant (V0+)
(17:09) Easy in an Easy Chair (V4)
(17:59) Palminator (V4)

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