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Watch Frightening Rockfall When Mountainside Collapses

The south face of a popular mountain in Italy crashed to the valley floor

Rockfall has been making the headlines in western Canada this year, with a number of massive ones forever changing classic routes above Squamish and in the Rockies.

Last week, a huge rockfall took place on the south face of Croda Marcora, a 3,154-metre peak in the Dolomites. On Oct. 9, Emanele Compagno caught the massive event on film.

The popular mountain has a number of historic routes, some of which were likely affected in this rockfall. The oldest climbs are the Lacedelli climbed in 1864, the West Wall climbed in 1909 and the Southwest Wall climbed in 1928.

Nobody was injured in this rockfall, and the area has been closed for the rest of the season.

Croda Marcora Rockfall