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Watch Gnarly BASE Jumps Off Chief Above Squamish

Two of Canada’s climbing centres, Canmore and Squamish, have many things in common. From housing legendary climbers to being a good base for wild adventures.

Over the past few years, wing sports have climbed the ranks of action sports in both towns with flyers a regular weekly sight.

POV from wingsuit flyer Treehouse Mike (video below)

Whether it’s paragliding from a col or summit or BASE jumping from one of the many exit points, seeing people sailing to the valley from the mountains is more popular than ever.

The Cheif above Squamish is one of Canada’s most iconic mountains with hundreds of world-class climbing pitches and it’s now the scene of weekly flights from a number of jumpers.

Watch Treehouse Mike fly down a north-facing gully from the summit and skim the trees below in late May of 2017.

In this next clip, Treehouse rips down The Chief and takes out a target next to the water.

This clip is from a few seasons ago, but watch skiers take the leap from a patch of snow on The Chief in winter. Shane McConkey style.

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