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Watch Hard Bouldering in Rocklands in Summer 2021

Watch sends of handful of V14 and V13 problems

The Rocklands bouldering area located in the Cedarburg Mountains, about 200 kilometres north of Cape Town, South Africa. The Rocklands have countless sandstone boulders with burly arêtes, big roofs, outstanding highballs and dozens of classics up to V16.

Problems as shown: Amandla V14, Oliphants dawn V14, Shaky warrior V14, Moon shadow V13 (flash), The Arch V13, Monkey business V13, Fragile steps V13, Gogoan V13, The hatchling V13, and Pendragon V13.

The climbers include Vadim Timonov, Sergei Skorodumov and Irina Kuzmenko. Enjoy!

Rocklands 2021