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Watch Ice Climb of Irish Mist WI3 in Canadian Rockies

New Zealand Alpine Team climber Jaz Morris and Gripped editor Brandon Pullan head 10 minutes east of Canmore for some close-to-the-road no-avi ice climbing in fall 2018.

They first climb the Water Hole WI3 60m, which was first climbed by Allan Derbyshire and Darryl Kell in December 1980. They follow it up with an ascent of Irish Mist WI3 60m, first climbed by Allan Derbyshire and Choc Quinn in January 1989.

These early season moderate routes are rare to form, found on Mount McGillivray above Lac Des Arc and take 15 minutes to approach. They were testing the new Petzl Ergonomics, which you can see more about here.

Irish Mist

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