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Watch Ice Climbers Falling Off Climbs

A collection of ice climbers falling, loose bolts and big daggers being kicked off

The first thing most ice climbers are told is to never fall off an ice climb. Why? Because you have a lot of sharp things, like screws and tools, that can hurt you or your belayer. Not to mention that your crampons can get stuck in the ice as you fall, which can lead to leg injuries.¬†While ice climbers don’t take a lot of falls, they do happen. Here are just a few examples of ice and mixed climbers falling and some big daggers being dropped. Follow Whipper on Instagram for more big falls.

Fall #1

An ice climber takes a ride with a big dagger.

Fall #2

An ice climber falls and their belayer does a good job keeping them off the ground.

Fall #3

An ice climber seconding a pitch takes a short ride when the ice collapses under their weight.

Fall #4

Top winter climber Dave MacLeod falls off a trad route in Scotland.


Fall #5

Caro Ouellet take a whipper at this year’s Festiglace.

Fall #6

A climber in Scotland takes a big fall.

Fall #7

John Freeman takes a huge fall as the pillar he’s on collapses.

Loose Bolt

An ice climber finds a loose bolt at the top of a pitch in B.C.

Dagger Drop

Ines Papert sends a dagger down at Helmcken Falls this winter.

Dagger Goes

A mixed climber breaks a big dagger.

Rockies Dagger Kick

Greg Barrett kicks off a big dagger in the Rockies.

Crampon Falls Off

An ice climber loses their crampon. If this happens to you, quickly clip your rope into a solid ice tool before putting in a screw.

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