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Watch Jonathan Siegrist on Peruvian Necktie 5.15b

Climbed in 2013, a recent upgrade makes it one of the hardest climbs in North America

Jonathan Siegrist has made a rare ascent of Peruvian Necktie 5.15b in Utah. The hard sport route was first climbed by James Litz, one of the strongest climbers in North America, few have heard of.

Last fall, Daniel Woods repeated one of Litz’s 5.14ds called Ace of Spades and suggested an upgrade to 5.15a. He also gave Peruvian Necktie an upgrade to 5.15b, making it one of the hardest routes in the U.S.A. along with Jumbo Love 5.15b.

Litz started working Peruvian Necktie in Spring of 2013 and sent in fall 2013. It took six weekends of climbing once I had the beta and the crag has a 3.5-hour approach.

Mike Williams said, “I’ve climbed with, or watched, a lot of the best out there: Alex Megos, Jimmy Webb, Jonathan Siegrist, James Pearson, but watching Litz is something else. Without a doubt, he has the strongest core I’ve ever seen.”

Back in 2004, Litz repeated Dreamtime V15 and had climbed a number of 5.14+. Watch this film by Nate Liles of Siegrist’s send.

Peruvian Necktie 5.15b