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Watch Margo Hayes Send Biographie 5.15a

The 2017 ascent was one for the history book, and can be watched in this newly released film

When Margo Hayes was 19, she became the first woman in the world to climb a confirmed 5.15a when she did La Rambla, in Siurana, Spain. A few months later, she did her second 5.15, sending Chris Sharma’s legendary route Biographie (Realization).

Both ascents were featured in the film Break on Through in Reel Rock 12. This is an extended and remastered cut of Margo’s historic ascent of Biographie, showcasing her incredible grace, determination, and mastery of climbing movement.

Biographie was bolted in 1989 by Jean-Christophe Lafaille, and in 1996, Arnaud Petit added an anchor in the middle of the route and did the first ascent of the first half. In July 2001, Sharma became the first person to climb the full route and gave it the name Realization, but said “most of the time I actually call the route Biographie.” About a decade ago, the anchor marking the end of the route which Petit climbed were removed from the wall. In France, the name of the route is always given by the person who bolts it, not sends it. While in America, the first free ascent climber gets to name it.