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Watch Pro-Skater Sky Brown at Nine and Ripping It

Japanese skate boarder Sky Brown might only be nine years old, but she’s keeping up with skaters twice her age in competitions.

She is one-half of a young skating sibling pair, her sister is Ocean, and she was the youngest girl to compete at Vans’ professional skateboarding competition in 2016.

Her biggest dream is to compete at the X Games, but she hasn’t been able to attend yet due to her age.

She said, “I want to inspire girls; even if you’re three or four you can still do it,” she says. “Just believe in yourself.

“My motto always is: Be brave. Be strong. Have fun. And do it because you love it,” she said.

Skateboarding is debuting at the 2020 Olympics and we can be sure that Brown is eyeing it up.