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Watch Send of Canada’s Newest V15, and Yves Gravelle’s Insane Strength Training

The training section of this video will get you stoked to head to the gym right now

After months of training and battling one of Canada’s hardest projects, Yves Gravelle made the first ascent of So What, a V15 in Kanata-Tremblant, earlier this season.

We recently touched base with Gravelle about So What, and he told us, “It starts on Thessalhydra V14 and links into Miall’s Ahead V14. It’s even harder than Low Miall’s V15, adding a V13 section into the V14.”

About whether he has any more projects this year, he said, “Yes, my list keeps on growing. I would like to revisit and establish the sit to Widow Maker. I got very close to sending before they closed the borders due to Covid. The sit start to Cosa Nostra is also at the top of my list.”

The rock climbing in this new video bookends one of the most get-stoked training sections we’ve seen in a film lately.

Yves Gravelle’s Hardest Problem