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Watch Six Rock Climbing Whipper Clips

Your weekly dose of edge-of-your-seat whipper action

You can go your entire rock climbing life without taking a whipper if you’re careful enough, but more times than not you’ll run into a crux where falling is inevitable.

Below are six rock climbing whippers that luckily didn’t end too badly. Follow Whipper on Instagram for more big falls.

Whipper #1

What happens when your foot gets hung up before you fall and pull your trad gear.

Whipper #2

Trying to lead climb in sneakers when you don’t have the route dialled will sometimes lead to this.

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Whipper #3

A trad climbing fall where the gear held, but broke. Luckily she had it sewed up.

Whipper #4

Aid climbing whippers aren’t that common, but this one has us remembering some Masters of Stone film moments.

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Whipper #5

A big fall where the last piece of gear pulled. If the next pulled, this could’ve been deadly.

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Whipper #6

A classic whipper with Wide Boyz climber Tom Randall on a big roof in the desert.

Bonus Whipper!

Panic and frustration lead to a whipper where luckily nobody was seriously injured.