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Watch Tom Randall Send Huge Urban Roof Crack

Climbers in the U.K. are staying busy during the covid lockdown by climbing pumpy urban roof cracks

Legendary crack climber Tom Randall was bored at home due to the travel restrictions in the U.K., so he went online to look for an urban project. In the end, he found a 25-metre roof crack that goes at around 5.12. Last year, Robbie Phillips started to search for similar cracks and made the first ascent of mega roof crack in Scotland.

Randall onsighted the crack, which he named Baseline after some graffitti found nearby. Due to travel restrictions and gym closures, bridge roof crack climbing is going through a mini-boom.

“It’s been funny doing these bridge roof cracks around the country… I think the general public [who often stops to watch] are very interested in what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.”

Baseline Urban Crack