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Watch Will Gadd Climb Classic Rockies Ice

Watch Will Gadd climb Wicked Wanda WI4+ in the Ghost River Valley near Calgary.

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All-round action hero Will Gadd is a living legend in the truest sense. Year after year, he continually pushes the boundaries of ice climbing and, even after having won every major title from the World Cup to the Winter X Games, still manages to impress.

A veteran of the sport, he continues to seek new adventures and seems to have a boundless energy – not bad for a man now in his 50s.

In 2010, he once again proved his pedigree by climbing an ice wall solidly for 24 hours at the Ouray Ice Festival in Colorado, reaching a total height of 25,414ft (7.75km).

Eager to rise to a fresh challenge, Will also broke the world distance record on a paraglider not once, but three times.

He was also the first person to cross the US by paraglider after a gruelling seven-week trek. His hunger for adventure doesn’t stop there however – he can turn his hand to almost every outdoor sport such as rock and ice climbing, kayaking, mountaineering, caving, Nordic and Alpine skiing and mountain biking.

These days, Will likes to set himself more creative challenges. “I’ve done enough, won as much as I need to,” he says. “I’m at a point now where I feel like I have a lot less to prove.”

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