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Will Bosi Made Quick Work of Ephyra V16

Send footage has finally been released of one of Bosi's hardest climbs to date

In early November 2022, Scottish climber Will Bosi sent Ephyra V16 (8C+), located in Chironico, Ticino, Switzerland. The problem was first climbed by Jimmy Webb in 2019 and features a very difficult lateral move onto the left shoulder. Bosi just released the long-awaited footage of his big send.

On Instagram he this to say about Ephyra: “I briefly tried [the problem] last year and felt like I was too spanned to do the crux move. Coming back with stronger shoulders I was able to stick the move quite fast and eventually go through it from the ground.” It took Bosi only a couple of days to send Ephyra this season. He believes the grade is lower-end V16, harder than his recent send of Forgotten Gem V15 but easier than Honey Badger V16 or Alphane V17.

Earlier this month, Bosi threw down three hard problems in Germany in a single session—a V14 flash, a V14 redpoint, and a V11 flash. In December, he redpointed V15 and flashed V13/14 in a single day. In October, he ticked the world’s hardest bouldering grade with his repeat of Shawn Raboutou’s Alphane V17. In 2022 alone, Bosi climbed eleven V14’s, twelve V15’s, two V16’s, and one V17.

Will Bosi on Ephyra V16