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Will Bosi Releases Alphane V17 Film

Alphane was first climbed a year ago and it's now the world's most repeated V17

Will Bosi has released a film that documents his send of Alphane V17, as well as ascents of Forgotten Gem V15 and Vecchio Flash V13. Bosi claimed the third ascent of Alphane, which is in Ticino, Switzerland, last fall.

The problem was established by Shawn Raboutou in spring 2022 and was given the proposed grade of V17. Aidan Roberts got the second ascent, and it’s been attempted by several of the world’s other top climbers, such as Daniel Woods. After Bosi, Simon Lorenzi repeated Alphane.

Earlier this year, Bosi made the coveted second ascent of Burden of Dreams V17, read about it here.

Alphane V17