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Will Bosi Sends Hard Swiss Blocs

And he's making progress on his Burden of Dreams V17 plastic replica

On December 6, Scottish climber Will Bosi redpointed V15 and flashed V13/14 in a single day in Cresciano, Switzerland. He started the day with a surprise flash of The Dagger V13/14. Later in the session, he came heartbreakingly close to flashing Dreamtime V15, but slipped off after getting through the crux. After a few more goes he sent the five-star problem on only his fourth try. Dreamtime is a historic climb. Established by Fred Nicole, the route was the world’s first V15.

Two days later, on December 8, he started the day with a flash of Fake Pamplemousse V11. He next went to give Flash Flood V13 a flash attempt. He watched a video of a previous send and then got on the problem. The steep and crimpy line took him to his limit as he made the crux slap and flashed the problem.

Three days after his double-flash day, he sent another hard problem—Big Paw V14 in Cresciano. The Dave Graham line starts seated and works its way up a prow on beautiful fine-grained granite that is almost Font-like in texture. Bosi sent the problem in under 30 minutes on his first proper redpoint attempt, although he had briefly tried the problem back in 2021.

You can watch Bosi’s sends of Dreamtime V15, Flash Flood V13 (flash), and Big Paw V14 in a newly released video below:


Last month, Bosi threw down three hard problems in Germany in a single session—a V14 flash, a V14 redpoint, and a V11 flash. In October, he ticked the world’s hardest bouldering grade with his repeat of Shawn Raboutou’s Alphane V17. In 2022 alone, Bosi climbed eleven V14’s, twelve V15’s, two V16’s, and one V17.

He’s now back in the U.K. training hard on plastic. Today he announced that he finally successfully did the first move of his Burden of Dreams V17 replica. You can watch him stick the move in his Instagram video below.