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Women’s Speed Record on El Capitan

A new film about a 2014 speed ascent up The Nose was just released

Some records are meant to be broken. Mayan Smith-Gobat and Libby Sauter knew that the women`s speed record for the ascent of The Nose on El Capitan was theirs for the taking.

Beating the old record and standing atop El Capitan at 5 hours 02 minutes after their first test run, and 4 hours 43 minutes after the final attempt just a few days later, they made history. They took more than 1.5 hours off the old record of 7 hours 26 minutes, which Smith-Gobat and Chantel Astorga set during a sub-24-hour link-up of The Nose and the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome. That record was in turn nearly three hours faster than the previous women’s speed mark, set by Quinn Brett and Jes Meiris.

Nearly a decade later and their record stands. Chris Alstrin has just released a film from their 2014 ascent. Check it out below.

Women’s Speed Record

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