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Yosemite Big Wall Climbed by Son 55 Years After His Dad

Legacy of the Muir is a new film about one of El Capitan's most famous big wall route. With appearances by Tommy Caldwell and Yvon Chouinard

Photo by: Max Buschini

TM Herbert helped put up the first ascent of the Muir Wall in 1965. His son, Tom, followed in his footsteps 55 years later. In 2020, Tom revisited his father’s historic first ascent in attempt to set a speed record on the original route.

Filmmaker Max Buschini, said, “Watching Tom start up on the Muir Wall that day, linking climbing’s history with its future, filled me with emotion. Legacy on the Muir is the first film I’ve made fully on my own, and I’m proud of that. It’s a Yosemite climbing story like those that have inspired me through the years and buoyed me through dark times. I hope you all enjoy and keep dreaming big.”

Featuring TM Herbert, Yvon Chouinard, Tommy Caldwell and more.

Legacy on the Muir

Lead photo: Max Buschini