Project Climbing Cloverdale in Surrey, B.C.

My Love For Project Climbing Cloverdale

My story begins with a breakup and, being the winter in Canada, my main sport baseball doesn’t exist this time of year. On top of completing my post grad I had nothing with which to pass the time. I give big props to a friend of mine who had been out of climbing for a while and wanted to get back in. I immediately fell in love with bouldering the first time I tried it. I have been going to Project Cloverdale for over a year now and continually renew my passes once they run out.

There are many things that keep pulling me in. From the events that are hosted that see many climbers come out of all skill levels, to the opening hours when the gym is more silent and I have the whole gym to myself. Perhaps it is the pump in my forearms that I love so much or finally completing a problem that I have been stuck on.

It is above all the people and the community that draw me in. I never fail to be greeted by a friendly ‘hello’ by the owners and the front desk staff. There are days where it is busy and I am stuck taking turns on a problem that the line continually fails, then one of us will push pass the crux and we will cheer each other on to top out. Strangers give advice and I am also comfortable giving feedback on moves and what I think will work. Everyone feeds off each other’s energy there. It is always nice to sit back and watch the experts do the complex problems.

All in all I think of Project as a cool hangout. I have made friends, met people I have not seen in a long time and was unaware they were even high level climbers.

When I am feeling down and in need of something I think of Project Cloverdale, where I can go climb and forget about my troubles and worries. For that I am truly grateful.

– Oliver Nugent

Nugent and friends at a Project Cloverdale event

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