Daily Archives: October 5, 2012

Collaborating with Slawinski, Gadd, and Owens and a group of Canadian Rockies adventure seekers, I created a top-10 mixed climbing route list. This list was put together to give some sort of direction; a guide to where you might find a climb that will leave you with shivers up your spine, grinning from ear -to-ear and hopefully psyched for more.

Currently, the Okanagan boasts at least 10 bouldering areas with over 1000 established problems. The rock varies from Tuolumne-style, knobby granite to RMNP-esque boulder fields filled with ridiculously featured Monashee gneiss. Settings range from lakeside escapes to higher elevation “kid in a candy store” boulder fields.

This season’s newest headlamps offer brighter beams and longer burn times – perfect for climbers getting an alpine start or preparing dinner after a long day of cragging.

Some climbing clothing options for the upcoming fall and winter season.

Check out this cool video highlighting the phenomenal bouldering in Nova Scotia.