New 10-Pitch 5.11 on EEOR Near Canmore is The Alt-Left

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Steve Holeczi and Marc Piche have been establishing routes in the Canadian Rockies for over 20 years. Both IFMGA mountain guides, they are two of the more knowledgeable rock climbers based in Alberta. Piche […]

Climbing Areas Damaged by 2017 Hurricanes

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The 2017 hurricane season took a toll on a number of climbing areas, including Virgin Gorda and Tremadog. Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands has long been a popular destination for bouldering. Most […]

Watch Matty Hong Climb 5.15s in Spain

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When Matty Hong sets out to accomplish something, like sending two 5.15a routes in Spain, there’s nothing that can stop him from attaining his goal. During his spring trip to Spain, Hong applied himself […]

Watch Stefano Ghisolfi Attempt Dreamcatcher Between Rain

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West Coast coach and climber Christian Core captured Stefano Ghisolfi attempting Dreamcatcher 5.14d. Watch below by clicking on the clip. Stefano Ghisolfi tries Dreamcatcher between the rain and the sun. @steghiso A post shared […]

Words With Quebec Climber Emilie Pellerin

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Emilie Pellerin has quietly been climbing though the ranks in Quebec to being one of the best all-round rock climbers in the province. With sends of 5.14 and V10, she is one of the […]

Josh Wharton Gives Canadian Alpine Climbing Lessons

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Josh Wharton, one of America’s top climbers, spent a busy week in Canada in May 2012 where he did the first one-day ascents of the Emperor Face on Mount Robson and the Wild Thing […]

Adam Ondra and Jimmy Webb Climb Hard New Boulders

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Adam Ondra’s outstanding year continues with more hard climbing at the limestone Holštejn in Czech Republic. Last week, he made the first ascents of Drift V15 and Vrtule, which he graded V15/16. Watch the […]