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Cool Weather Climbing Clothing

Some climbing clothing options for the upcoming fall and winter season.
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Photo of the Month

James Fillman on Devil's Note 5.13a, Vancouver Island, BC.
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Route Develpment -The First Rule of Dig Club

I had broken the First Rule of Dig Club. The First Rule of Dig Club is: you do not talk about Dig Club. The First Rule prevents the public from seeing and reacting to the removal of vegetation and therefore maintains their naïve ideas about the origin of rock climbs. It also
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Canadian Rockies Lessons – From Novice to Intermediate

In 2011, I decided I wanted to experience a new place and to explore some of the Rockies' lengendary peaks and climbs. Unfortunately, I had no idea what I was in for. The Rockies werer bigger and badder then I expected.
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Jean-Pierre Ouellet -Addicted to Cracks

In the Belle Province, almost everyone who climbs knows Jean-Pierre 'Peewee' Ouellet. The crack phenom has been on the forefront of hard trad climbing for years, not only at home, but in the States as well. But his tick list goes beyond simply doing hard 5.13 cracks. He also
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Transformation on the Troll Wall. Rock Climbing in Norway.

Above the Great Wall we encountered a pitch called The Black Cleft. Neither of us in our combined months of climbing experience had ever climbed something so brutish, dank and unprotected And more past that, until dusk found us on a small ledge with just enough wet moss to suck
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Alpine Rock Essentials

Get ready for the alpine rock climbing season with some of this year's best gear.
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