Daily Archives: August 20, 2013

Click here to follow Canadian Gord McArthur and His Journey to the 2014 Olympics. He was named Canada’s representative for the winter games in Russia. He is one of Canada’s strongest mixed climbers and has competed at national and international events. Congratulations Gord!

Utah based extreme athlete made over 2,000 BASE jumps

After an arduous time moving loads across 5 km of the white desert from base camp to advanced base camp we were poised to attempt the ridge. Leo had spent the morning with the enormous amount of climbing gear, getting his rack together, then, like an overburdened iron monger he stepped towards the massive wall and declared ‘I’m exhausted, I feel terrible and there’s ice in my boots. Let’s do it.’

The right pack for almost any kind of climbing.

Full details here, great competition, amazing display of athleticism, Canada finishes strong