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Here’s How to Try Hard as a Rock Climber

The best of the best try harder than the rest. How can we begin trying hard for our projects this season?

How to Train Endurance in a Bouldering Gym

There are many ways to train endurance, and using a rope does not have to be one of them. Learn how to better your endurance on a boulder wall

A Beginner’s Guide to Campus Board Training

There are many schools of thought when it comes to campusing, but that which avoids injury utilizes the largest rungs

Late Season Projecting and Maximizing Fall Climbing

Knowing how to project difficult climbs can make or break your fall season. It’s more than brushing holds and taking rest

Packed Crowds Conclude Nail-Biting Men’s Final in Munich

The European Championships conclude in Munich with a neck-and-neck performance from two of Sport Climbing’s best

Janja Garnbret Triple Crowns During Debut of New Olympic Format

Janja Garnbret secures her first, second, and third European Championships victories. The Paris Olympic format debuts with women’s category

Poland Sweeps Podium and Ukraine Earns Inspirational Victory

Ukraine and Poland win Speed at the 2022 European Championships in Munich, Germany

Shawn Raboutou Announces Ascent of Alphane V17

Shawn Raboutou announces the ascent of what may become the world’s third V17

Lucas Uchida Becomes Fourth Person to Climb Squamish’s The Singularity

Ontario’s Lucas Uchida sends The Singularity becoming only the second person to do so from the lower rail

Garnbret and Ondra Narrowly Earn Gold at Euro Championships

The sport’s leaders climber high onto the podium, but victory was far from assured. Close calls concluded the men’s and women’s finals