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Granite In Motion through Squamish Photography

Squamish Photography has come to be defined by Jacob Scharfman and his photos. How does he find his focus amid two passions?

Megalith is a New Kind of Hangboard

The Megalith Hangboard is a new kind of training tool. This highly adjustable model offers more possible grip positions than its peers.

Will Tam is Ontario’s Photo Phenomenon

Will Tam has appeared in and around all of Ontario’s famous crags. How does he shoot lead, boulder, ice, and nature?

A Beginner’s Guide to Stewardship

Stewardship is a pillar of outdoor climbing. What can we do to help keep our crags open during this summer’s season?

Aspire Vaughan to be First New Ontario Gym in 2021

Aspire Vaughan will become Ontario’s first new climbing gym of 2021. It has boulder islands, artwork and ninja elements

Kaleb Thomas and the Next Step for Routesetting

Kaleb Thomas is one of the country’s most experienced route builders. The future of setting is coming, but what will it look like?

Pigtown Climbs – Climbing Made Accessible

Pigtown Climbs is based in Baltimore, Maryland. It shows that climbing can be accessible when those who do it care about community

From Urban Skiing to Urban Rock – A Profile

He made his start in urban skiing photography. Now he shoots climbing. Mathieu Tranchida shoots high-pace images that set him apart

Coronavirus Outbreak at Everest Base Camp

Norwegian climber contracts COVID-19 and Nepalese Sherpa on his team tests positive. This year set to be busier than 2019

Australian Olympic Climber Balances Climbing and Fatherhood

Tom O’Halloran is pushing the sport in the famous Blue Mountains of New South Wales. We touched base with him to discuss how a fully employed father balances Olympic training and regular life