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A Beginner’s Guide to Campus Board Training

There are many schools of thought when it comes to campusing, but that which avoids injury utilizes the largest rungs

Climbing Grades and Overcoming the Obsession

Climbing grades are easy to obsess about and sometimes make it difficult to just enjoy the session. Just remember that they’re only one aspect of the sport.

A Brief History of 5.15 Rock Climbs

There are a lot of 5.15 routes in 2023 and a lot of climbers who send 5.15a. Here’s where the grade got started and some milestone moments

Training Hard? Here’s Why You Need a Deload Week

Taking a deload week can be challenging for the psyched climber, but it can be the tool that breaks the plateau

A Beginner’s Guide to Board Climbing

Board training can help you improve specific strengths and condition you for your spring projects

Pinch Training 101 – Get Stronger This Winter

Pinches are an underrated grip type that could push your level. Learn how to increase your strength for next rock season

Here’s How to Try Hard as a Rock Climber

The best of the best try harder than the rest. How can we begin trying hard for our projects this season?

How to Train Endurance in a Bouldering Gym

There are many ways to train endurance, and using a rope does not have to be one of them. Learn how to better your endurance on a boulder wall

Packed Crowds Conclude Nail-Biting Men’s Final in Munich

The European Championships conclude in Munich with a neck-and-neck performance from two of Sport Climbing’s best

Janja Garnbret Triple Crowns During Debut of New Olympic Format

Janja Garnbret secures her first, second, and third European Championships victories. The Paris Olympic format debuts with women’s category