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Who Do You Grade a New Climb For?

Climbers of varying heights have different advantages on routes and boulders than others, so who is the climb graded for

Metolius Built Brilliant Metal Footholds

The Metolius Mini Tech foot-chips are a metallic solution to the fragile foothold problem. Never replace, or wash, footholds again

The Niagara Glen’s Best of the Grade

A non-comprehensive list of the Niagara Glen’s best boulder problems. From V0 to V9, the Glen offers a bit of everything

Spring Countdown Strength and Conditioning Week 2

The second week of strength and conditioning increases the load. Conditions are becoming better across the country

Are Japan’s Olympians Japan’s Strongest Cimbers?

Japan’s Olympians may no longer be Japan’s strongest climbers after two incredible performances by Ai Mori and Kokoro Fujii

World Cups Return To Climbing!

The IFSC has confirmed that the first World Cup of the season will take place as is scheduled in Meiringen, Switzerland

Goal Setting and How to Improve This Year

Goal setting is hard. It can be difficult to know what is a good goal and what is not. We talk about goal setting for outdoors and training

Stacey Weldon is a Canadian Inspiration

Stacey Weldon has been selected to represent the IFSC in as a part of the Women in Leadership Program for this year’s Summer Olympics

Canada’s Largest Limestone Bouldering Area

Alberta hides the largest developed limestone bouldering area in the country. Just off the Crowsnest Highway, Frank Slide offers 2,200 unique problems

Spring Countdown Strength and Conditioning Week 1

With covid cases dropping, it is time to get ready for Spring and the outdoor season. Let’s talk strength and conditioning.