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Andy Lewis Walks Record Highline in Utah Desert

Andy Lewis has completed numerous accomplishments as a highliner and trickliner and is also a distinguished BASE jumper and rock climber.

Lewis announced on Instagram that he and a group have completed the Skin Walker highline between Tom Tom Tower and Eagle Plume, the longest tower to tower highline.

“USA’s longest highline as well as longest tower to tower highline, and my longest onsight/send,” said Lewis. “The highline record may not last long as next week a bigger line is planned.”

“Skin-Walker,” In Navajo culture, otherwise known as “yee naaldlooshii” is a type of harmful witch who has the ability to turn into, possess, or disguise themselves animals associated with witchcraft. They are usually tricksters such as the coyote, but can include other creatures, usually those associated with death or bad omens. They might also possess living animals or people and walk around in their bodies by locking eyes with them. I decided to name this highline Skin-walker because as soon as I saw it, it beckoned me onto the line and forced me to walk on it. 500m of godly glory. Maybe it wasn’t done tensioning, nor was it in the weblock, nor was the back up in, but I was possessed… uncontrollably attracted to the line. 100m onto the line they actually clipped it in, and put the back up in ? Best. PROJECT. Ever. #slacklife @gibbonslacklines @ataircanopies @apexbase @Gopro @redbull #OSP #adidasTERREX #heretocreate #parley #fiveten #brandofthebrave #stealthrubber get your own slackline! www.gibbon.shop code for 15% off ——> L215OH8X <—— that’s an O not a zero. Walker: @friedikuehne <—- huge thanks for everything—> @theletabug @sylvanslacks @thehomiehome @spencerseabrooke @mianoblet @slacklinerka @aidanwilliamsphoto Airy

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Today was an amazing last day of the “Skin-Walker,” project. 500m of @slacklifebc lion stretched between Eagle Plume ? and Tom Tom. @theletabug and I apparently got the 9th assent of the tower, and I was super impressed that with a team of 8 we got the highline rigged and walked cleaned, and BASE jumped in a day. Today was special because the line saw 5 full man walks from me, @friedikuehne, airy, @spencerseabrooke, and @mianoblet. I also got to not only summit both towers, walk full man, but I got to BASE jump both towers and 2 way with @spencerseabrooke on the second one! Amaze balls to the extreme. #slacklife @gibbonslacklines @ataircanopies @apexbase @Gopro @redbull #OSP #adidasTERREX #heretocreate #parley #fiveten #brandofthebrave #stealthrubber get your own slackline! www.gibbon.shop code for 15% off ——> L215OH8X <—— that’s an O not a zero.

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Lewis talked about his approach to life – dubbed “slacklife” – in a November 2010 interview with Brenden Gebhart.

Slacklife is a concept adopted by slackliners who live a life consistently and continually inspired by slacklining. Slacklining is not considered a sport by society. There is no slackline magazine. There are no set rules. No set definitions. No standardized equipment.

No statistics. Most importantly, there are no true professionals. In fact there is pretty much no reason to slackline except for the sake of slacklining itself. That is the slacklife. Rules and regu

lations involved in the habitual and ridiculous effort to remove RISK entirely from society has made living the slacklife inside of society damn near impossible.

Liability and insurance are the two words crippling the sport of slacklining today. “Slackers,” living the “slacklife,” instead; travel the globe in search of the most inspiring places to practice slacklining. Tricklining, longlining, highlining, and free solo are all separate facets of slacklining. Training all of these facets is an incredibly positive way to stay physically and mentally fit.

This training is becoming a pseudo-religion amongst the community of slackliners; otherwise called the “slacklife.” Living in the moment, being immersed in the wilderness, challenging your body, developing your mind, confronting, controlling, and conquering one’s fear of death, and pursuing the pure, true, and honest unbridled feeling of freedom to do what you want is the foundation supporting the Slacklife.

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