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Another Avalanche Death, This Time in Colorado

We’re only one week into 2019 and already there are at least two avalanche deaths in North America, one near Pemberton, B.C., and one at Upper Senator Beck Basin in Colorado.

There has been a number of extreme avalanche warnings in western Canada and the U.S.A. The skier who died in B.C. was skiing at Pebble Creek, read more about it here.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) reported here: A group of backcountry skiers participating in an avalanche safety course triggered an avalanche on the afternoon of January 5.

All six members of the group were caught in the avalanche. The avalanche released a second avalanche sympathetically. The second avalanche ran over the debris pile of the first slide.

One member of the group was buried in the debris of the two avalanches. The rest of the group located him and extricated him from under at least 2.5 m of snow. They tried to revive him on site, but were unsuccessful.

The rest of the group made their way to US 550 with the help of San Juan County Search and Rescue, Ouray Mountain Rescue, La Plata County Search and Rescue, Careflight, and the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

The skier was named in the Durango Herald as 42-year-old Peter Marshall. He buried under nearly 10 feet of snow.

Conditions have improved in the mountains this week, be sure to check Avalanche Canada here before heading out.

Colorado avalanche Jan. 5 / 2019