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Five Canadians to Ski, Paddle, Bike 7,600 km from Arctic to Great Lakes

The expedition aims to travel around 20 per cent of the earth's circumfrance over seven months

A lot of Canadians will be heading to the backcountry this year, but few will be looking to do a 7,600-kilometre trip in a push. A crew of five will be leaving from Ellesmere Island to travel to Point Pelee National Park in Ontario this spring and summer. Nobody has attempted this route before, which will take seven months.

The five explorers are Nicolas Roulx, Guillaume Moreau, Philippe Voghel-Robert, Étienne Desbois and Jacob Racine. Their first push will be from Eureka to Resolute Bay, an 800-kilometre stretch. Over the past few weeks, they’ve been quarintining in a hotel in preparation for their travel north, which includes staying healthy by putting on some extra expedition weight.

In the summer 2018, this crew crossed northern Quebec and Labrador along a 1,600-kilometre route composed of four rivers and two oceans, completed in 65 days. You can follow along on social media below.

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