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Five Mistakes Beginner Backpackers Make

Backpacking on the east coast

Every great backpacker has to learn the best way to spend time in the great outdoors.

And every experienced backpacker knows that how when they first started, they had no idea what they were doing.

Here are five common mistakes beginner backpackers make.

Bringing the Kitchen Sink

You might be tempted to pack everything you’ll think you need, but you won’t need all of those luxury items.

Don’t bring the family photo album, multiple changes of clothes, hatchets, extra headlamps and extra shoes are not necessities.

If you don’t bring something, you’ll survive because you’re only out there for a few days. You’re not setting up shop in the woods.

Keep your pack light and don’t tot more than you need to.

Go light to save weight

Foot Abuse

Your feet are going to get trashed because you’re walking for a long distance.

The most important thing is to wear the proper shoes. Don’t wear tight shoes because your feet will swell.

Keep space between your big toe and the front of your shoe because you don’t want to lose toenails walking down trials.

You also don’t need big bulky boots to backpack. You can get by with light and comfortable trail runners.

Lighter is better

Ambitious Push

Don’t think you can push farther and harder during the early days if you’re not prepared.

Your knees will swell and your feel will hurt if you push through the pain.

The best thing to do is let your body get acclimated to the movement. Stop if your body hurts, take a rest day.

Hike your own hike, don’t worry about anyone else.

Don’t push it

Too Much Food

You might one day need a lot of food, but when you start out you likely won’t get the hiker hunger that pros get.

When you plan your first stretch, remember that you might not even get that hungry and you’ll need to make yourself eat.

Don’t pack more food than you think you’ll need. It’s just extra weight. Bring about a kilo of food per day, of course this will depend.

Ration your food and don’t bring too much


Don’t over-plan your trip because there are so many things that might change your schedule.

You might need a few extra days, you might not reach a camp ground, you might meet some people to hang out with or you might finish early.

Backpacking isn’t work, it’s meant to be fun so don’t rush it and enjoy the nature.

Don’t over-plan your trip