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Four Paddlers Cross Labrador by Canoe Over 35 Days

They had nearly a month of rain during their 840 km trip

On July 12th, Noah Booth, Alex Traynor, Dave Greene and Chris Giard left for a 35-day canoe expedition which they completed in August. They left from Labrador City, Labrador’s westernmost community and padded over 840 kilometres to the coastal village of Nain, Labrador’s northernmost permanent settlement.

The key objective of the expedition was to gain a cultural and environmental perspective of one of Canada’s last remaining wilderness frontiers and become the first modern day team to connect Labrador City to Nain in one trip.

For nearly a month, the team battled torrential rain and low temperatures. Many of the rivers were bursting at the banks and they dealt with illness and minor sprains.

The team captured the journey on film which will be made into a documentary. The film will highlight and pay homage to historic travellers, such as the Naskapi and Montagnais Innu people who have used the area for generations as ancestral hunting grounds.

This was Greene’s seventh major canoe expedition and his second in Labrador. His first was a trip from Georgian Bay to Quebec City by rowboat and bicycle over 87 days in in 2011. The Labrador crossing was inspired by the book The Lure of Far Away Places by the late Ontario canoeist Herb Pohl.

Greene said they will be returning to Labrador next summer to paddle whitewater rivers in the Mealy Mountains.