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Hiker Trapped in Quicksand and Rescued in Zion

Zion National Park Search and Rescue and Utah DPS recently rescued a hiker from quicksand after she was stuck for almost 10 hours in winter temps. She and another hiker were a few hours into a hike on the Left Fork Trail when her leg sunk into the sand. They couldn’t free her leg, so the friend left to get help by hiking for three hours to phone service.

Search and rescue arrived to find the friend who called for help in hypothermic conditions. Rescue workers then found the stuck hiker and worked for a few hours to free the leg. They then camped for the night because the winter weather kept the helicopter from landing.

Winter weather has been cold and nasty in Zion, an area that often has warmer winter temps. “Presidents Day Weekend is often dry, warm, and sunny,” said Aly Baltrus, Zion’s Public Information Officer. “This year was as predicted—cold and wet.”

Watch the rescue below.

Zion Rescue