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Hikers Trippin’ on Magic Mushrooms “Rescued”

11 volunteer search and rescue members spent two hours resolving the situation

A group of hikers were rescued this week after mountain rescuers were informed that a “group of young adult males” were intoxicated and appeared unwell in the Lake District. It turned out they had take a large dose of Magic Mushrooms, which is a class A drug in the U.K., along with cocaine and crystal meth.

The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, a volunteer-led organization, sent 11 rescuers to the Stoneycroft, Newlands and Seathwaite area in northwestern England. “Two in the group were feeling unwell including the driver in the party,” the rescuers said. “The casualties were walked down and given advice by the team medic regarding the timing of their onward travel. It took two hours for the situation to be resolved.

The Lake District is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and England’s largest national park. The area is famous for its world-class rock climbing and hiking. The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team have assisted in thousands of rescues over the years, as they’re on-call every day all year.

In a brochure for the Lake District Search, the Rescue Mountain Association notes, “Mountain rescuers will always respond to emergencies but many calls are ‘avoidable with proper preparation’ and have the potential to compromise other life-threatening emergencies.”