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Runner Completes Marathon in Backyard

This is a great time to fun a marathon if you have a backyard to do it in!

Some people are using their at-home time during the coronavirus outbreak to train for when the lock-downs are over. Gareth Allen recently ran a marathon around a 130-foot course in his backyard in Southampton, U.K., which he called The Garden Marathon.

Allen wanted to run 12 100-mile races in under 12 months to raise money for the Great Oaks School and the Hurricanes Rugby Club in Southampton in 2020. He ran his first 100-miler on January 30, and his second was set for March 27 in Ireland, but it was cancelled.

Allen streamed his six-hour run and over 300,00 people tuned in to watch over the duration. He had a Facebook event page where he introduced The Garden Marathon, which he described as, β€œJust me running round my back garden 1000 or so times.” To be exact, he ended up running 1,254 laps, which worked out to 49.688 kilometres in six hours. Stay home and stay safe!