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Short Film Tribute to Skier Bryce Newcomb

​On March 27, 2018, a cornice collapsed on Cody Peak, carrying with it Jackson local Bryce Newcomb. He sustained a traumatic brain injury from the incident and passed away on June 15, 2018.

“For anyone who knew Newcomb, one thing always stood out: his absolutely infectious energy both on and off the mountain. He truly lived by the motto of ‘SEND IT,’ spreading his sense of humour and stoke and convincing all those who rode with him that anything was possible.”

For the full tribute from Griffin Post on Teton Gravity, visit here.

Bryce, I now have 57 letters to you. While it breaks my heart that you’ll never read them, I don’t regret writing any of them. In this correspondence, there are so many lessons that you taught me. Some lessons were so obvious; others I still struggle to wrap my head around. Either way, I’ll do my best to implement all that you taught me in every friendship I have for the rest of my life. You were truly an enigma, someone that offered so much, sometimes I think it would take four or five different people to capture all your dimensions. I do force a smile, however, knowing that the people that have rallied around you over the past few months will undoubtedly carry your spirit and personality onward indefinitely. We’ll see you around the bend brother ??.

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Remembering Bryce Newcomb

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