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March 7, 2014

World Record Highline

“Skethcy” Andy Lewis sets world record walking a highline between two hot air balloons flying 1,300 metres above the Nevada desert.  
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Sub Zero: Raphael Slawinski

“Raphael Slawinski is a rare creature – a Professor of Physics at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta and a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year nominee. He is one of Canada’s most prolific ice climbers and this interview about why he ice climbs and
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V9 for Nine-Year-old Victoria Gezel

Victoria Gezel is a Minnesota based climber, and at only nine years old she is sending V9s.  After placing first at the Hueco Rock Rodeo for Youth Advanced and the Women’s Dyno Competition, she sent Kim With a Bathtub in Her Head, a thin, technical V9. After sending the
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Huntington’s French Ridge in Winter, 50 Years After First Ascent

Mount Huntington is an icy pyramid in Alaska, 13 km south of Mount McKinley, it presents steep and technical terrain. Huntington was first climbed by French alpinist Lionel Terry and party in 1964, up the Northwest Ridge which is also called the French Ridge.  The following year,
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