Bouldering Expedition to New Remote Rockies Highballs

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The Canadian Rockies have countless remote locations that hold big and unclimbed boulders few climbers have seen. In 2017, Matt Hendsbee and Scott Eveleigh hiked into Wonder Valley near Lake Louis and found a […]

New Film About History of Ha Ling Peak in Canmore

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Ha Ling Peak in the Canadian Rockies is one of the most iconic mountains for climbers, hikers and photographers. A new CBC film explores the history of Ha Ling Peak and why it took […]

Watch Canadian Paul McSorley on New African Big Wall

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In 2017, Canadian Paul McSorley joined German climbers Ines Papert and Joseph Pfnur and Slovenian Luka Lindic for a trip to South Africa to climb new routes. McSorley wrote the following for Gripped about […]

Watch Loved By All: The Story of Apa Sherpa

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Every spring the summit of Mount Everest draws people from around the world. But in its shadow live the Sherpa, a resilient, religious people, who, despite the riches surrounding the highest peak on earth, […]

Listen to Alex Honnold Talk About Fear and Climbing

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Alex Honnold is undoubtedly the most famous climber of his generation and for a good reason. For the past 10 years, the 5.14 climber has been making headlines for free-soloing some of the biggest […]

Watch First Ascent of Remote Himalayan Peak Rungofarka

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Watch the first ascent of Rungofarka, a 6,495-metre mountain in the Indian Himalayas by Alan Rousseau and Tino Villanueva. The two Americans made the first ascent of the big peak in the Zanskar Range […]

New Ontario Climbing Film About Lion’s Head and Sailing

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Shawn Robertson has produced a short film featuring Ontario climbers Mike Smythe, Mike Penney and Lucas Uchida climbing at Lion’s Head. The film focuses on the lifestyle of the climbers as they depart from […]