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Big Rockies M4R Requires “Steady Head” Up Exposed Rock and Turf

Ian Welsted, Ryan Patterson and Justin Guarino find a line up a featured quartzite wall above Lake Louise that included runouts and some loose stone

Canadian Trad Legend Talks About Retro-Bolting

Steve De Maio says, “I think it remains important to leave some routes in their original condition”

‘Torn’ is a Powerful New Film About Climbing Legend Alex Lowe by his Son, Max Lowe

Alex Lowe was a top climber during the 1980s and 1990s. He died in an avalanche on one of the world’s highest mountains in 1999

You Have to Watch ‘Not Alone,’ a Climbing Film About Death, Suicide and Hope

Heather Mosher’s new film focuses on a tragic avalanche death, the survivors and how a group called Mountain Muskox aims to help

They/Them is a groundbreaking new climbing film that I highly recommend

The film, featuring top climber Lor Sabourin, debuts online on Oct. 6

Words with Yves Gravelle about new Quebec V15s and projects

The top Canadian boulderer has made first ascents of a number of Ontario and Quebec’s hardest problems this year

Climbing Gyms Need Our Support, Not Hate Over Vaccine Passports

Some gyms have received hateful messages as they work to keep the doors open for their local communities

The Alpinist is everything a climbing film should be, and shows us why Marc-André Leclerc was the best

The highly anticipated film had its unofficial world premiere at the Arc’teryx Climbing Academy on Aug. 28 in Squamish

The Immeasurable Rock Climbing Potential of Northern Ontario

From Lake Huron to the Manitoba border, there’s countless undiscovered cliffs that hold outstanding lines

See the Brutal Condition of the Bugaboo/Snowpatch Col

Climbers are advised to use other access routes to climbs beyond the col