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Climbing Gyms Need Our Support, Not Hate Over Vaccine Passports

Some gyms have received hateful messages as they work to keep the doors open for their local communities

The Alpinist is everything a climbing film should be, and shows us why Marc-André Leclerc was the best

The highly anticipated film had its unofficial world premiere at the Arc’teryx Climbing Academy on Aug. 28 in Squamish

The Immeasurable Rock Climbing Potential of Northern Ontario

From Lake Huron to the Manitoba border, there’s countless undiscovered cliffs that hold outstanding lines

See the Brutal Condition of the Bugaboo/Snowpatch Col

Climbers are advised to use other access routes to climbs beyond the col

These Banff Mountains Had Indigenous Names

Cascade Mountain, Tunnel Mountain, Sulpher Mountain and Mount Rundle are colonial names that replaced Indigenous ones

I Found a Mysterious Sunken Boat in Banff

And the story of one of Banff’s most famous hermits

Here’s How the Banff Paddling Permit System Works

The self-registration permit boxes can be found next to lakes throughout Banff National Park

Indigenous Mountain Names Should be Used, Not Colonial Ones

“I think that any name that was known to be used by Indigenous people in the past trumps a colonialist name” – Colin Haley

Good to be Back at the Climbing Gym

It’s summer, but be sure to support your local climbing gym to ensure they’re around when indoor season is back

10 Tips for Your First Summer Alpine Climb

As we head into alpine climbing season in Canada