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Here’s How I Climbed 50 Routes on Yamnuska

I always start the year on easy classics and I’ve never been shy to bail if something feels off

More Climbers Are Stick Clipping Up Routes

Stick clipping can save time, help prevent injuries and allow you to safely project a route

Imagine if Alex Honnold’s El Cap Free-Solo Was Livestreamed?

We might be seeing more climbers attempt their climbs on livestream, as today Jakob Schubert climbed Project Big live on YouTube – and it was awesome

Squamish Night Climbing is a Thing

The coolest time of day to climb is at night, and it’s also the least busy. On The Chief, many climbers are heading up multi-pitch routes after sunset

Yosemite Climber Dies Ice Climbing in Canada

Zach Milligan was a veteran Valley climber with countless ascents of difficult big walls to his name

Opinion: Climbers Are Dying in Patagonia and It Seems Different Than Before

“Honestly, the frequency with which people die and the extent to which the mountains are decomposing within each warm weather window, amounts to climbing here feeling almost suicidal” – Jacob Cook

New B.C. Mixed Route Exceeded Expectations

Sage Brush is a new 130-metre M5 WI4 on a south-facing wall above the Fraser River

Soloing in Sneakers: a Return Trip to Boulder and the Flatirons

It’s standard practice for climbers and non-climbers to free-solo big routes on the Flatirons, but should it be?

Sonnie Trotter Joins Edelrid’s North America Team

Along with the top Canadian climber joining the team are cutting-edge American alpinists Graham Zimmerman and Chris Wright

See the Brutal Condition of the Bugaboo/Snowpatch Col Last Summer

While there’s still a lot of snow in the Bugaboos as of this week, the season for alpine rock in the provincial park is quickly approaching