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Offensive Rock Climb Names in Squamish Changed

Updates to the Squamish Select guidebook have been made including some new route names for old climbs

Adventures With B: Hiking Mount Harvey Near Vancouver

A steep trail between Squamish and Vancouver that takes you to an incredible summit

For the Tick-List: The Colossus and Titon Crack in Ontario

Two of the best traditional climbs in the province

Adventures With B: Thunder Bay Paddle-Boarding and Fishing

Exploring Pass Lake, Hazelwood Lake and Cloud Lake in northern Ontario for late-summer solace

Ice Climbing for Beginners: Avalanche Beacons and Recco Tech

Welcome to ice climbing, a world of screaming barfies, falling ice, spindrift and a whole lotta fun

Adventures With B: Animikii-wajiw “Mount McKay” in Thunder Bay

Twenty years after my first lap up the Ontario mountain, I return to put what I’ve learned to the “test”… and the historic Hoito has closed

Sonnie Trotter Repeats New Test-Piece and Relives History

The top Canadian climber made a second ascent and saw an old friend at Back of the Lake

Three New Big Multi-Pitch Moderates Above Banff

David Smart and I established 33 new pitches of rock climbing on Mount Rundle in August up to 5.9, mostly bolted

Opinion: Vanmore is Back and Stop Leaving T.P. Everywhere

A late-summer boom in vanlifers have arrived in the Bow Valley

Adventures With B: Hike, SUP and Fishing on Boom Lake

A pristine alpine lake with trophy cutthroat trout and singing loons. A different take on a famous ski/ice climb zone