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New B.C. Mixed Route Exceeded Expectations

Sage Brush is a new 130-metre M5 WI4 on a south-facing wall above the Fraser River

Soloing in Sneakers: a Return Trip to Boulder and the Flatirons

It’s standard practice for climbers and non-climbers to free-solo big routes on the Flatirons, but should it be?

Sonnie Trotter Joins Edelrid’s North America Team

Along with the top Canadian climber joining the team are cutting-edge American alpinists Graham Zimmerman and Chris Wright

10 Tips for Your First Summer Alpine Climb

Alpine climbing can bring you to amazing places, but a lot can go wrong so be sure that you’re prepared

See the Brutal Condition of the Bugaboo/Snowpatch Col Last Summer

While there’s still a lot of snow in the Bugaboos as of this week, the season for alpine rock in the provincial park is quickly approaching

Outdoor Retailer Dies in Denver

Ten years ago, dozens of climbing brands and countless climbers would’ve been at the tradeshow. But this year was different

Big Rockies M4R Requires “Steady Head” Up Exposed Rock and Turf

Ian Welsted, Ryan Patterson and Justin Guarino find a line up a featured quartzite wall above Lake Louise that included runouts and some loose stone

Canadian Trad Legend Talks About Retro-Bolting

Steve De Maio says, “I think it remains important to leave some routes in their original condition”

‘Torn’ is a Powerful New Film About Climbing Legend Alex Lowe by his Son, Max Lowe

Alex Lowe was a top climber during the 1980s and 1990s. He died in an avalanche on one of the world’s highest mountains in 1999

You Have to Watch ‘Not Alone,’ a Climbing Film About Death, Suicide and Hope

Heather Mosher’s new film focuses on a tragic avalanche death, the survivors and how a group called Mountain Muskox aims to help