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Every Canadian Avalanche Incident Since 1782

Canada is a world leader when it comes to avalanche professionals and there are many online resources. Landofthunderingsnow.com has compiled information on avalanches from the past 200+ years.

The earliest recorded avalanche fatalities in Canada were registered in 1782, when an avalanche struck an Indigenous community at Nain, Labrador.

The details of many more are lost in the mists of time. Each disaster is a story worth remembering and contains a lesson worth heeding. Today, more people than ever travel through or live near avalanche terrain. History has shown that all need to be aware of the potential danger.

Before you go into the backcountry this winter, be sure your batteries are charged, dust off your avalanche rescue skills and follow avalanche.ca for conditions.

To see a list of every avalanche incident since 1782, visit here. Avalanche.ca also has a database of avalanches, visit here. And Europe up to 2016 here.