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Lydia Kutra Was Best Young Canadian Skier in the 1980s

In the 1980s, Lydia Kutra from Atikokan, Ontario, was the best junior competition skier with podium finishes in national and international events. In 1989, she broke her leg and had to retire from high-end skiing but continued to coatc. In August 1994, she was killed after a car struck her in her home town. Each year, since her passing, the Port Arthur Ski Club has hosted the Lydia Kutra Memorial Ski Race at Mount Baldy.

This year Thunder Bay and Lake Superior Division Alpine will be hosting a special Lydia Kutra Memorial Event including an LSDA Alpine Rendevous Social on the evening of Feb 22nd at Mount Baldy and the Annual Giant Slalom Race on Sunday the 24th on the Hornet at Mount Baldy. Lydia’s brothers, Lennard and Gerald Kutra, will be on hand to represent the Kutra family as they have done every year since the memorial event launched in 1994. The Mount Baldy Slalom National points race will be taking place at Mount Baldy on Friday, Feb. 22 starting at 5:00 pm followed by the Lydia Kutra GS National points race on Sun. 24.

In 1998, she was inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame 1998. For more information on the racing and rendezvous events please visit here.

Lydia Kutra

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