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Shrink is a Rad Tofino Surf Documentary

Surfing in Tofino

Jeremy Koreski’s 2006 film Shrink is set off Canada’s Clayoquot coast were storm swells surge onto the reefs and beaches of Vancouver Island.

Heavy weather, heavy seas, heavy wildlife and some of the world’s most fugureisting surfing in the world’s most primordial landscape.

The sequel to Numb, the second surf film from Jeremy Koreski is an in-depth look at the surfers who call this place their home.

Peter Devries, Raph Bruhwiler, Sepp Bruhwiler and friends living the life in waves and water that make the toughest men shrink.

By showcasing these true Tofino surfers, he showed what that frigid and extreme environment is like.

Shrink has become a classic film that documents his friend’s childhoods on Chestermans beach to their developing careers which has taken them to surf breaks around the world.

We see the lifestyle of these Tofitians that is close to the elements and in touch with nature.

Foraging for fresh seafood, skirting bears and witnessing incredible wildlife.

Watch Bruhwiler’s section from the film below.

1. to become smaller or cause something to become smaller, for example, when exposed to cold, or damp
2. to be unwilling or reluctant to do something, especially something difficult or unpleasant