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Thomas Huber Goes Fly Fishing for the First Time

Thomas Huber, one of the world’s leading big wall climbers, has gone fly fishing for his first time.

This isn’t climbing news, but the photo he posted on Instagram with his first catch, a nice sized trout, is worth sharing.

Plus any chance we get to talk about legendary climbers for you new climbers out there is one that can’t be passed up.

Thomas Huber was born in 1966 and has long been a leading alpinist and mountaineer.

He and his brother and climbing partner is Alexander are called “Huberbuam” (Huberboys) and have climbed some of the world’s most wild climbs together.

His father was a climber known for early speed ascents of now classic climbs. He took Thomas and Alexander with him into the mountains for their first climbs.

Thomas has been climbing since he was 10 years old and in April 1980, at 12, his father took him and Alexander to climb Allalinhorn, their first 4,000-metre peak.

In 1982, he climbed the Rebitsch Crack 5.10/A0 on the Fleischbankpfeiler in the Wilder Kaiser with the youth climbing team.

In 1983 with Alexander, he made the first ascent of a big 5.10 up the Wagendrischelhorn south face they named Rauhnachtstanz.

Some of his most notable climbs:

The first redpoint of The End of Silence 5.13d (one of the hardest multi-pitch climbing routes in the world at that time) in 1994.

A free ascent of the Salathé Wall on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley and a winter solo the Eiger north face in 1996.

The first ascent of the route Tsering Mosong VII+ A3+ on Latok II in 1997.

The first ascent of El Niño on El Capitan and Free Rider, and the first free ascent of an El Capitan route in one day with Alexander Huber, all in 1998.

The first ascent of the direct north pillar of the Shivling (6,543 m) with Iwan Wolf and winner of the Piolet d’Or.

The first ascent of Baintha Brakk III (6,800 m) and the second ascent of Baintha Brakk I (7,285 m) in 2002.

The first free ascent of Zodiac 5.13d on El Capitan with Alexander Huber in 2003.

The first ascent of the west face of Holtanna in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, together with brother Alexander and Stephan Siegrist in 2008.

The first free ascent with Alexander of Eternal Flame 5.13a on Trango “Nameless” Tower (6,239 m), Pakistan.

Congrats on the sweet catch Thomas and for you who want to watch some cutting-edge climbing, here’s the Huber brothers on Zodac in 2003.

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