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Watch Skier Front-Flip Jump 210 Feet off Clip

And read about how the legendary skier describes the monter leap

Julian Carr is a professional skier and world-record cliff jumper, the founder of Discrete Clothing, and the founder and race director of the Cirque Series, a group of six big-mountain running events held at some pretty iconic ski areas: Brighton, Alta, Alyeska, Sun Valley, Arapahoe Basin, and Snowbird.

Nearly a decade ago, he front-flipped off a 70-metre (210-foot) cliff. He still holds the world record for invert from the highest cliff. Some of his biggest jumps include Air Jordan in Whistler and this 175-foot bomb off Wolverine Cirque in the Wasatch, Utah.

In an interview with New Schoolers, Carr said, “I had to make a ski down a side ramp above a small cliff band, once around the cliff band, I had to make a hop turn above some serious exposure, then start tracking left, as I tracked left, that is when I knew I would find my bushes on the take-off I had studied, so I knew exactly where to take-off, find horizon landmark for visual body aim trajectory. Tricky tricky. Intense…

“The landing was deep, perfect, my mind, body came to a state of snapping back to non-meditation, all I could do was laugh, I was laughing, my safety guy, Nick, skied up to me, they told me all of them were radio’ing to me asking if I was alright, I just remember laughing. Nick radio’d to the crew I was fine & I was laughing. My ski came off on impact, I got my ski back on, skied down and met up with the crew. Lots of high-fives, lots of smiles, it was a bonkers experience.”

Watch the world record 255-foot cliff jump here.

The 210-Foot Jump