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Bosi Becomes Britain’s Best Under Ondra’s Guide in Czechia

Great Britain's Will Bosi has his strongest bouldering trip yet, ultimately claiming 19 problems V12 and harder

In a month, Will managed to tick over 19 boulders 8A+ and harder. Highlights of his ascents include, climbing six 8C boulders, the first repeats of 9a sport routes established by Adam Ondra and one particularly impressive day of climbing which included a first ascent 8C, an 8B+ flash, an 8A+ flash and another 8A.

His recent ascents catapulted the British climber into second place on the 8a.nu global bouldering leaderboard, and sixth place in lead for these last 12 months. Notably, he became the best in the world over the March-to-April 1-month time frame. He retains first position for Great Britain in both disciplines distinguishing himself as the country’s most prolific outdoor climber of these last year.

Bosi was also invited to compete in the Czech national lead climbing competition where he finished in second place behind Adam Ondra.

With such dominating results outdoors, and a similarly strong result inside, Bosi seems primed to test himself at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. With only the non-competitive Matt Fultz leading Bosi in bouldering on 8a, and Ondra and Stefano Ghisolfi the only currently competitive World Cup lead climbers ranking higher in the roped discipline, Bosi may step into the World Cup Series as one of the most competitive climbers to go out for an Olympic qualification.

With that said, Bosi did not compete in the Meiringen World Cup and may not compete in the forthcoming events either. It is not clear how motivated the 22-year-old is to compete.

Commenting on the trip to the area, Will said, “It has been an amazing experience to not only explore the Moravsky Kras area but be welcomed by the local climbing community. Ahead of the trip, I trained probably harder than I ever have in preparation for a climbing trip and so was really happy that I was able to tick so many classics of the area. I am psyched to come back again soon to continue exploring the area and training with the locals!”

Moravský Kras is a predominantly limestone area north of Brno which is the home of Adam Ondra, who acted as a guide to Will on parts of this trip. The area is characterised by technical and challenging climbing on often polished limestone and rarely sees visits from the elite climbing circuit despite multiple hard boulders and routes established by the likes of Ondra and Martin Stranik.

Will’s quick ascents of hard problems surprised many of the local climbing community who were impressed how quickly he adapted to the specific style of climbing in the area.

Will is familiar with hard limestone ascents in the UK and abroad, most recently with his first ascent of Brandenburg Gate (9a+) and the first repeat of Mutation (9a+) at Raven Tor, Peak District.

Commenting on how Raven Tor helped prepare him for the limestone areas of the Moravsky Kras, Bosi said, “Of course, the Tor has similarities with the climbing in the area which helped in preparation but I was blown away by how technical and slopey the area was as I was just expecting a crimp-fest! Considering the number of hard routes established by a massive name in the sport such as Adam (Ondra), I am surprised more people have not visited the area but hopefully that will change in the future ”.

Will’s trip to the Czech Republic continues now by exploring the sandstone area in the NW of the country before returning back to the UK.

Full Ticklist

List of routes (and dates of ascent) by Will Bosi on the trip to Moravský Kras

25.03 8B Leda kost, Holštejn

27.03 8C Drift, Holštejn

27.03 8B Sviní Mor, Sloup (Flash)

27.03 8A Švédský závodník Hotofson Sit Sloup

28.03 8A+ Patička ledovce, Holštejn

01.04 9a Kostej Nesmrtelný, Holštejn

03.04 8B Kouzelný sauce, Sloup

03.04 8B+ Sila je Kouzlo, Sloup

04.04 8C Pata ledovce, Holštejn

06.04 8A Smrad Dálek Sit Sloup

07.04 8A+ Fénixovy Slzy, Sklapsko (Flash)

07.04 8B+ Charizard, Sklapsko (Flash)

07.04 8C Bulbasaur, Sklapsko (FA)

07.04 8A+ The Swirl King Sit, Vir

09.04 8C Ghost Rider, Sloup

11.04 8C Tekuté štěstí, Sloup

12.04 8C Iceberg, Holštejn

12.04 8A+ Blatant, Holštejn

15.04 2nd Place, Czech National Lead Competition

20.04 9a Perla východu, Holštejn

20.04 8A+ Kapka z poháru nesmrtelnosti Sloup

21.04 8B H1N1 Sloup

Featured image of Will Bosi by Band of Birds.