Song Han Na Rai at an Ice World Cup Photo UIAA

The 2019 UIAA Ice World Cup finals will be held in the biggest city in Colorado with over 200 climbers competing.

Denver will host the event from Feb. 22 to 24 after stops in five other countries.

Phil Powers, CEO of the American Alpine Club, said, “We are proud to support our U.S. ice climbing athletes and bring this impressive event to downtown Denver.

“The stamina, skill, and seeming impossibility of it all makes for an outstanding spectator experience. They’re up there doing crazy moves, wielding sharp tools, and they hang on forever.”

2019 Calendar
Jan. 11 to 13: Cheongsong, South Korea
Jan. 18 to 20: Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China
Jan. 24 to 26: Saas-Fee, Switzerland
Feb, 1 to 3: Rabenstein, Italy
Feb. 8 to 10: 2019, Champagny-en-Vanoise, France
Feb. 22 to 24: 2019, Denver, USA

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