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Climber Dies in Climbing Gym After Bad Fall

Quay Climbing Centre after accident

A 57-year-old climber has died after falling from at an indoor climbing wall.

He suffered a fatal head injury when he fell to the floor and hit his head at the Quay Climbing Centre, the largest gym in South West England.

The centre released a statement and said the experienced climber suffered a “tragic accident” while “independently using climbing facilities at the centre”.

While there’s no public report about what went wrong, it’s a good reminder to check your safeties. The police said the death was being treated as an accident and has yet to formally name the man.

The centre said the “accident occurred on our roped climbing walls” and in “not in Clip ‘n Climb Exeter.” It also said staff “cooperated fully and professionally with all the emergency services” and that “our thoughts are with the victim’s family at this difficult time”.

Although he has not been named, the man’s family has been informed.

Five Indoor Climbing Reminders
– Check the lead climber’s knot
– Check the belayer’s device and carabiners
– Make sure climber and belayer are on the same rope
– Have pads under you while bouldering
– Don’t walk under climbers/boulderers