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Edinburgh World Cup 2022 Highlights – Awesome Routes

Four climbers from Team Canada travelled to Scotland for the competition

The Edinburgh World Cup took place earlier this month with four Canadians competing. Jesse Grupper from the U.S.A. won for men and Ai Mori from Japan for women. Team Canada looked strong and finished in the middle of the pack. For women: Alannah Yip finished in 39th and Becca Frangos in 42nd. For men, Victor Baudrand finished in 24th and Oscar Baudrand in 39th.

Grupper said to the IFSC after the event: “I’m pretty ecstatic. After last weekend [in Koper] I definitely felt I was at a low point in competition climbing. I knew I still had it in me, and I have been training pretty hard. I am probably the most fit I have been all season and it feels so rewarding to feel that I am back.”

For the women, the routes were all too easy with several climbers topping. Mori said after, “I was feeling nervous before I started because I knew Janja had reached the top, and that meant I had to. But when I climb I just forget about my nerves and enjoy it.” Janja Garnbret won silver.

Watch highlights to the World Cup below.

Finals Highlights