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Jakob Schubert is Men’s Lead Champion in 2018

Jakob Schubert in finals / watch replay below

It’s been a tense time in Innsbruck for the 2018 World Championships with some big wins and upsets.

The comp itself is a combination of light show, athleticism, music festival and a sporting event all rolled into one.

Two of the best outdoor climbers ever were in the finals for men’s lead climbing, Adam Ondra and Alex Megos.

But in the end, it was champion Jakob Schubert who took home the gold, the second for Austria after Jessica Pilz won for women’s lead yesterday.

The finals route was big, powerful and dynamic, and Megos fell three moves below Ondra and Schubert.

Ondra reached the same hold as Schubert, but had a worse result in semifinals, so finished second.

This is one of the most amazing competitions ever put together, so either watch all of finals below or skip through to watch the big moves and falls.

Watch Finals: