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McColl Podiums at Wild Spyder Han Gang Climbing Championships

Spyder Han Gang Climbing Championships Photo KyungJae Woo

Jan Hojer and Ji Min Jeong took first place at the Spyder Han Gang Climbing Championships, a deep water soloing competition in Seoul, South Korea.

This was the third time the event took place and Canadians Sean McColl and Alannah Yip took place.

McColl finished third in time but didn’t make it to Finals and Yip just missed the round of 8 part of the competition.

Results Male/Female
1. Jan Hojer / Ji Min Jeong
2. Jernej Kruder / Katja Kadic
3. Sean McColl / Sol Sa

Like most psicobloc style compeitions, the goal is to climb faster than everyone else. The fastest climber to get to the highest point moves on.

Jan Hojer missed the German Bouldering Championships to compete in this one.

Watch the full replay: