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Monday Motivation: Big Moves at Boulder Nationals

While some of Canada's top climbers missed the event, there was no shortage of action and sends

The 2020 Canadian Bouldering Nationals took place this past weekend in Ontario. B.C. climbers Guy McNamee and Allison Vest took home golds. Complete results here.

Below are some big moves and tricky problems that made their way onto social.

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What a RIDE 🀯 So stoked to take home the title tonight at the 2020 Bouldering National Championships! We have some badass, strong, and scrappy gals in this country. It’s exciting to compete in an event when it truly is anyone’s game. Turns out, sneaking into finals in 6th and being the first one out of iso lowered the pressure enough to make it all click for me today. β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € The night was made exponentially better by fellow @hiveclimbing athlete @guymcnamee, who I have the absolute pleasure of coaching a couple times a week, winning his first Open Bouldering title!! So proud of you Guy! β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β € Finally, thanks to @corechristian and @jeffreywthomson for being the best coaches a girl could ask for and to everyone and anyone who makes events like these run. We so appreciate you. #liveclimbrepeat #hiveclimbing @blackdiamond @hiveclimbing And thanks for the vid @coachmattchapman !!!

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@guymcnamee and @allisonvest are the Open Bouldering National Champions! β€’ What a phenomenal Nationals this year! Big shout out to @kalebcthomas and his crew for setting a great comp – and a difficult comp. I believe that the Canadian standard for climbing excellence needs to be raised, and that starts with the setters and the coaches. This was a really challenging Nationals, and the athletes rose to the occasion and put on a stellar show!!! β€’ Thank you to @climbcanada , @altitudegym , and the volunteers and judges. β€’ I’m really proud of the crew – @sophie_buitendyk @tula_sherkat @tosh_sherkat and @dylansaffery. I love working with you and I’m psyched to get back to training! β€’ #Open #boulder #nationals #bouldering #climbing #competition #train #trainingmotivation #backtowork #strong #tryhard #2020

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Gonna fight for it tonight @climbersrock

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