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Olympic Climber Wins Ice Climbing World Cup

Ice Climbing World Champion Petra Klingler dominated the first round of the season

Swiss climber Petra Klingler, who was the ice climbing world champion after taking gold in the women’s category at the Saas Fee event in Switzerland in 2021, just won an Ice Climbing World Cup in Cheongsong.

This was the first of several World Cup starts this season. In second for women as Woonseon Shin and in third was Sina Goetz. Heeyong Park took gold for men, followed by Younghye Kwon and Tristan Ladevant. See this year’s Ice World Cup schedule here.

Klingler is a rarity in the world of competition climbing, as very few climbers have ever competed at such high levels in so many disciplines. She began to focus on competitions early in life, initially specialising in speed and switching to bouldering where she has found success. In 2016, she was the bouldering world champion. Klingler booked her ticket to Tokyo 2020 when she finished eighth at the 2019 Climbing World Championships in Hachioji. She ranked 16th in Tokyo.